Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smilebox Halloween 2009

Sometimes I need to send pictures to my in-laws and I would love to scrap them so I use Smilebox. It's fast and easy but feels like I did something crafty too. Here's the lastest one I did for them.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Paperplay challenge from week of Oct. 1st

09 Week 37 - Dei's Challenge: Pale and Interesting
"Pale and Interesting".
I would like to see you use predominantly white with just one colour as an accent! Have fun!

So I set about doing my layout.
But it was not my week for "me" time. I have these sweet pages of my son all set in my head but one thing (rain) or another (someone being sick, kids and now me) has kept me from finishing them. I will though and wheni do I'll post them! Now it's off to bed so I can get well. Oh and my batery died but it was pouring down rain, again, and I wasn't going to go back in and out to get a better picture tonight.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

World Card Making Day

October 3rd is World card making day and though I'm not getting this posted until the 4th, the card was made last night very late but still finished in time! I didn't even get u to all my supplies until after 10 pm! But in just over an hour I was finished but too tired to mess with taking a picture and doing all this computer jazz.

The green card stock is from my stash. It's a big stash so I never know what brand or color name as I pick up solid colors when ever I see some that calls to me and it's on sale. : )
The pattern paper is BG's Figgy Pudding. It's all scraps left over from the family album I made for my MIL last Christmas. I love that I didn't have to cut into any new sheets. I'm hoarding what's left of the pack. LOL
Flowers are all from my Prima - Wildflowers Pillar Pack Collection - Botanical Flower Mix - Assorted.
Snaps are from my stash, most bought off of eBay.
Edgeds were inked using Stampabilitie's pigment ink in Teddy Bear.
Letter charms are Lil' Charms. I got bought enough to be able to spell out my kids names. LOL ooops. ; )

Happy World Card Day everyone!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paperplay challenge from week of September 24th

09 - Week 36 - "Spot This"

This week's challenge is called "Spot This":
"Pretty self-explanatory really. I am a sucker for buying spotty paper (and stripy - but we won't go there!), then I don't use it up because I don't want to cut into it. So this week, I'd like everyone to make spotty things (using paper or indeed anything else spotty you wish).

So here's my card. I have to admit i made it towards the end of July but never got around to taking a pitcure of it. Sad partis it should have been mailed out in mid June! (blush)

Everything I used is from my stash and though I could look up what the stamps are I don't have it in me. Just to be short and sweet about it all, I lost the baby so life has been a little out of sorts the past 2 weeks.

Hope everyone had a great week!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh no! Not again...

So, I've been a little under the weather for the past month or so. It all started with a virus and no matter what Dr I called no one wanted to see me. I got meds for nausea but was told it was a 7-10 day thing and to tough it out. Well, by day 7 or so I knew something wasn't right. No way a virus would get worse not better by that time. My Hubby was getting very worried too as I couldn't really even stay out of bed to do more than fix the kids something to eat and throw them in bed for their afternoon naps. So off we go to the Wellness Center on a Saturday morning hoping to get stronger meds. It seems they won't see you unless you are well! They sent us across the street to the ER. Now thankfully it was early morning enough that there was no one in the waiting room so I was seen right off, unlike at the Wellness Center where we had already been for an hour or more. They hooked me up to an IV and get fluids in me right off along with nausea meds and some pain meds too, sure helped the tummy feel better pretty fast. The bad part was that the kids where with us and I think it was scaring my little boy some. The meds made me shake and made my mouth totally dry. I couldn't talk because my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth! It was taking a while and the kids where hungry so off Hubby went with them to get something for everyone to eat. While they were gone the test from the blood work came back. Not only did I have the flu, I was pregnant to boot. I just looked at the Dr like he had two heads. I think he could tell it was too much news for me to deal with all at once so he left until my family got back. In the mean time he called the OB on duty and they decided I needed to spent the night and get more fluids and meds and most of all some rest. Funny how they say rest while they pump in 8 bags of fluid. I was up peeing all night long!
Anyways, I'm so not up for scrapping of any kind and have even had some thoughts of packing it all up again so the kids have totally run of the playhouse. (sigh) It's just more work than I can think of right now.
So that's why I haven't done anything in a month. All day sickness sure sucks! Hope to get a big second wind my the third trimester like I did last time. Guess we will see as time goes on.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Paperplay challenge from week of July 23th

Week 27 - Boys, boys, boys
"Boys, boys, boys, make something for a boy - baby, child, teen or man"

I have a friend who's Due date is tomorrow, July 25th, so I thought it was fitting to make something for her to have for her son. I did an 8x8 page that she can frame, put in a baby book, or add to a bigger scrapbook page.

The best part is this is all still using scrap leftover from the babybook I made for my other friend. I love getting to use paper pieces all up. It's also how I'm cleaning my work table off. LOL It's been a huge mess for 3 months now!
The "Baby Mine" that I hand wrote is a little smudged. I'll have to go over it again. It's hard not to smudge ink on vellum and more so when you are carrying your project, your laptop (and mine is as big as they come), and an 18 month old how finds the sidewalk too hot for her little bare feet. The "C and "A" are printed on the paper but didn't show up enough for my liking so I traced around them. It helps when a 3 year old doesn't keep knocking the table. (sigh) After doing them the "L" and "Y" looked like they needed to be outlined so they would look more like a set. I love how they turned out.

Paper's are again Deja View's Sharon Ann's Little Ones Boy 12x12 pad
Blues, green, and reds card stock is from my huge stash. I have no way of knowing what brand or color name.
Silver Vellum, "Goo goo gaa gaa", and "Baby Boy" papers are from Hobby Lobby.
"L" and "Y" where die cut on my Sizzix with the Serif Uppercase Alphabet set.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paperplay challenge from week of July 16th

Week 26
Favourite chocolate/candy. Let your favourite nibble inspire your creation.

Well, I choose Lemon Bars because I had pretty much polished off a 9x13 pan of them by myself over that week. (blush)
I was using my glaze pen for the leaves and stems and it pretty much exploded on the inside of the pen but no ink to use. :(
So I had to come up with some other idea.
Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paperplay challenge from week of July 9th

Week 25 Theme of Fashion

I'm squeezing in just under the wire on this one.


While I don't find enough time to really craft, I can find time to shop! Be it online or in my favorite craft store, well only craft store in town, I love finding new things and GREAT deals. Last month we went to see my MIL and I didn't get to do my normal scrapbook store hopping while there I did manage to go to one store twice. It's a Achiever's. LOVE them!!! So below are my finds, deals and steels from my trip and some I found once I got home as well. I didn't take pictures of all the yummy papers though. I used MIL's big die cutting machine and already cut the letter's I needed out and they are too fragile to play with too many times before I use them.

Some of those great items were 25% off and others are for a book(s) I'm going to do with my son/daughter's name.

I have a crappy flower stash. No more!! : ) And yes, the ones in the cute pouches were on sale 25% off. Looking back I'm stupid for not grabbing all they had left. lol

I have a Scraparatus and got the case for under $7! I needed pearls so got the ones I thought I'd use most. Can't remember if they were on sale but I think they were.

I ordered most of this off the net but a few are from the Ohio trip. On the net I got them all on sale. It was a June sale so I ordered while I was out of town and the package was delivered the day I got home. That's that I can a sweet deal!

Last of my Ohio trip finds.

My home State is where Hobby Lobby is from. These are my latest finds there. Can you believe the sale price? DS is an Ernie fan, so those are for him.

Yes, you are seeing the price correctly on these. It's in a $ spot at a store in town. Sad thing is they are getting rid of that section of the store. : (
I have to go back often to get things as they mark them down.
I have 8 packs of the brad letter. : )

Don't you love the HUGE brads?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Day at the Ft Worth Zoo

Click to play this Smilebox scrapbook: Day at Ft Worth Zoo
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Sometimes i play with smilebox. Here's one I just did for my cousins whom we met up with at the zoo on Friday.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sent with no good pictures for me

I spent a few weeks doing a 52 week baby album for a friend, the one I did the baby card below for. Silly me got so caught up in dealing with my own 2 babies I didn't get any pictures of the finished book. I have just these 3 photos from kind of early on.

As you can see the book is rather thick. Take my word for it, if you do one be sure the album has the expandable spine or you will be out shopping again. (I so loved the first one I had picked out.) I did all the pages in the same style and loaded them in the protectors so they are all which way. I'm letting mom do the deciding on how she likes them. I sent journaling strips so she can write easier on them not being in the book. There is a whole little baggie with lot of different colored little tags to write the week on. She gets to do a little crafting in finishing it.
So, as I said above, it's a 52 week album. You take a picture of the baby on the day he or she was born and one every week on that day for the whole year and one on his/hers first birthday. You journal just something from that week such as, "You had your first smile this week. It was for your sister and daddy missed it. " Just little things. The Birth one just gets the baby's stats on it. I really wish i had thought of this with my second or my first for that matter. I hope my friend enjoys her "A year of Saturdays with Conor" album.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Father's Day cards for Paw Paw

Here are 2 cards for my FIL.
I did the top one to be from my little girl. My son did the bottom one, with my help.
He pickedout the pieces of paper and told me how big to make them and where to glue them and what way they needed to go. He even wrote all on his own. I just helped to support the pen.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby Card

I have so many friends about to have a baby or who just did, that I need to be spitting these out 2 or 3 a day. How I dream of days past with no kids so I COULD be doing what I want. LOL I know, dreaming and wishing my babies lives away. I keep reminding myself they are only little once and that time flies. This card is for my dear friend Val, who is about to have her second child and first boy.
For the hands and feet I used black pigment ink first and then used a blue chalk ink. I didn't want them to line up but almost. I love how it turned out.
Printed papers are from Deja Views Sharon Ann's Little Ones My Precious Boy 12x12 paper pad. I just love this set.
I'd have to go check the stamps to see what brand they are but I know little hands and feet are pretty easy to find.
Scuff marks on coffee table provided by one of my 2 babies. Don't you just love their artwork?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 day weekend

We just had a great 3 day weekend. My sister came into the State but we only got to see her for dinner on Friday night. Just enough for my son to get an Aunt Flea fix. After we went to Toys r Us to pick up something for a friend. My silly hubby decided it was time for a wii so he went to that part of the store and made his purchase. As we were leaving I asked if he had the wii fit too. Well NO! So I sent him back for it. lol We spent more time on the wii fit this weekend than he did playing his silly kart game. He told me he's loving the wii fit too! Go me!! Course there was no scrapping going on since the wii is in the playroom and if we are all in there the kids can't be on the person on the wii and they bug me. ; (

Friday, May 22, 2009

Candy candy cany

I've just added a lot of great candy to be won. I dont think I can name them all But Kellie, Dianne, Danielle, Anki's are just a few. Go check them and their bloggs out!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

More blogs by me.

If you read my first post you know I have other blogs. Both have some scrapbooking on them. The main one, that my family knows about, is private but if you would like to see it please email me and put Blog invite in the subject line and I'll get an invite right out to you. : )

A new love

I've fallen in love with stamps. The sad thing is no store near me carries anything worth having. I have a dear friend who has turned me onto the cutest stamps from WOJ and she told me about this great giveaway. 2 lucky people will get the new summer 2009 set free, as a gift. How cool is that!?! So, finger's crossed I'm one of them so I have some stamps to start collecting and stamping with.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Paperplay challenge from week of April 16th

09 - Week 13 - Times 4 It!!
This week's challenge is being set by Sandie."TIMES 4. ..... X4 your creation.. whether it's a layout, card or altered item.. times 4 it! 4 pictures, 4 buttons, 4 flowers, 4 of whatever you want!!"

I've been sick with sinuses so it's been hard to try to scrap but I put a movie in for my kids and did this up today. It's the 4 sides to a tissue box cover! I matches the 4 books I got to scrap my pgregnancy journal in. With any luck we will get into the old desktop computer someday and I'll get to finish it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Paperplay challenge from week of March 5th

09 Week 8 - Rectangle, rectangle, rectangle!!
That's right, this week's challenge is to create a card, layout, canvas, etc incorporating 3 rectangles and (just for fun) add something sparkly!! Your sparkles can be gems, glitter, stickles... anything you like!

I'm late getting this posted. It's hard to finish anything with 2 kids and my scrapping stuff not in the house. I have to make time to go to it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Yet another blog

Seems funny to have so many going but yet here I am with another blog. I need a place to post blog candy and not have family be so darn nosey! ; )