Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Father's Day cards for Paw Paw

Here are 2 cards for my FIL.
I did the top one to be from my little girl. My son did the bottom one, with my help.
He pickedout the pieces of paper and told me how big to make them and where to glue them and what way they needed to go. He even wrote all on his own. I just helped to support the pen.


Sandie said...

awww, you have a little cardie in the making!! Great cards, I'm sure grandpa will love them, especially as James made one himself.

Dee Dee said...

Very cute. Love James' writing.

Scrappinmum said...

Paw Paw loved them but I was sad to see that the flowers had all fallen off when we got to his house a week later. I found 2 around the house and i'm pretty sure a little great grandchild helped them come off. : (