Tuesday, May 26, 2009

3 day weekend

We just had a great 3 day weekend. My sister came into the State but we only got to see her for dinner on Friday night. Just enough for my son to get an Aunt Flea fix. After we went to Toys r Us to pick up something for a friend. My silly hubby decided it was time for a wii so he went to that part of the store and made his purchase. As we were leaving I asked if he had the wii fit too. Well NO! So I sent him back for it. lol We spent more time on the wii fit this weekend than he did playing his silly kart game. He told me he's loving the wii fit too! Go me!! Course there was no scrapping going on since the wii is in the playroom and if we are all in there the kids can't be on the person on the wii and they bug me. ; (

Friday, May 22, 2009

Candy candy cany

I've just added a lot of great candy to be won. I dont think I can name them all But Kellie, Dianne, Danielle, Anki's are just a few. Go check them and their bloggs out!