Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sent with no good pictures for me

I spent a few weeks doing a 52 week baby album for a friend, the one I did the baby card below for. Silly me got so caught up in dealing with my own 2 babies I didn't get any pictures of the finished book. I have just these 3 photos from kind of early on.

As you can see the book is rather thick. Take my word for it, if you do one be sure the album has the expandable spine or you will be out shopping again. (I so loved the first one I had picked out.) I did all the pages in the same style and loaded them in the protectors so they are all which way. I'm letting mom do the deciding on how she likes them. I sent journaling strips so she can write easier on them not being in the book. There is a whole little baggie with lot of different colored little tags to write the week on. She gets to do a little crafting in finishing it.
So, as I said above, it's a 52 week album. You take a picture of the baby on the day he or she was born and one every week on that day for the whole year and one on his/hers first birthday. You journal just something from that week such as, "You had your first smile this week. It was for your sister and daddy missed it. " Just little things. The Birth one just gets the baby's stats on it. I really wish i had thought of this with my second or my first for that matter. I hope my friend enjoys her "A year of Saturdays with Conor" album.

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