Wednesday, July 15, 2009


While I don't find enough time to really craft, I can find time to shop! Be it online or in my favorite craft store, well only craft store in town, I love finding new things and GREAT deals. Last month we went to see my MIL and I didn't get to do my normal scrapbook store hopping while there I did manage to go to one store twice. It's a Achiever's. LOVE them!!! So below are my finds, deals and steels from my trip and some I found once I got home as well. I didn't take pictures of all the yummy papers though. I used MIL's big die cutting machine and already cut the letter's I needed out and they are too fragile to play with too many times before I use them.

Some of those great items were 25% off and others are for a book(s) I'm going to do with my son/daughter's name.

I have a crappy flower stash. No more!! : ) And yes, the ones in the cute pouches were on sale 25% off. Looking back I'm stupid for not grabbing all they had left. lol

I have a Scraparatus and got the case for under $7! I needed pearls so got the ones I thought I'd use most. Can't remember if they were on sale but I think they were.

I ordered most of this off the net but a few are from the Ohio trip. On the net I got them all on sale. It was a June sale so I ordered while I was out of town and the package was delivered the day I got home. That's that I can a sweet deal!

Last of my Ohio trip finds.

My home State is where Hobby Lobby is from. These are my latest finds there. Can you believe the sale price? DS is an Ernie fan, so those are for him.

Yes, you are seeing the price correctly on these. It's in a $ spot at a store in town. Sad thing is they are getting rid of that section of the store. : (
I have to go back often to get things as they mark them down.
I have 8 packs of the brad letter. : )

Don't you love the HUGE brads?


Dee2 said...

Wow! So many new things to play with. Love the flowers. Sofie is a big Ernie fan too. That was a great deal.

Sandie said...

ooh, love all the flowers!!! You got some really great bargains both online and in the stores. Can't wait to see what you do with it all.