Sunday, August 30, 2009

Oh no! Not again...

So, I've been a little under the weather for the past month or so. It all started with a virus and no matter what Dr I called no one wanted to see me. I got meds for nausea but was told it was a 7-10 day thing and to tough it out. Well, by day 7 or so I knew something wasn't right. No way a virus would get worse not better by that time. My Hubby was getting very worried too as I couldn't really even stay out of bed to do more than fix the kids something to eat and throw them in bed for their afternoon naps. So off we go to the Wellness Center on a Saturday morning hoping to get stronger meds. It seems they won't see you unless you are well! They sent us across the street to the ER. Now thankfully it was early morning enough that there was no one in the waiting room so I was seen right off, unlike at the Wellness Center where we had already been for an hour or more. They hooked me up to an IV and get fluids in me right off along with nausea meds and some pain meds too, sure helped the tummy feel better pretty fast. The bad part was that the kids where with us and I think it was scaring my little boy some. The meds made me shake and made my mouth totally dry. I couldn't talk because my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth! It was taking a while and the kids where hungry so off Hubby went with them to get something for everyone to eat. While they were gone the test from the blood work came back. Not only did I have the flu, I was pregnant to boot. I just looked at the Dr like he had two heads. I think he could tell it was too much news for me to deal with all at once so he left until my family got back. In the mean time he called the OB on duty and they decided I needed to spent the night and get more fluids and meds and most of all some rest. Funny how they say rest while they pump in 8 bags of fluid. I was up peeing all night long!
Anyways, I'm so not up for scrapping of any kind and have even had some thoughts of packing it all up again so the kids have totally run of the playhouse. (sigh) It's just more work than I can think of right now.
So that's why I haven't done anything in a month. All day sickness sure sucks! Hope to get a big second wind my the third trimester like I did last time. Guess we will see as time goes on.