Friday, July 24, 2009

Paperplay challenge from week of July 23th

Week 27 - Boys, boys, boys
"Boys, boys, boys, make something for a boy - baby, child, teen or man"

I have a friend who's Due date is tomorrow, July 25th, so I thought it was fitting to make something for her to have for her son. I did an 8x8 page that she can frame, put in a baby book, or add to a bigger scrapbook page.

The best part is this is all still using scrap leftover from the babybook I made for my other friend. I love getting to use paper pieces all up. It's also how I'm cleaning my work table off. LOL It's been a huge mess for 3 months now!
The "Baby Mine" that I hand wrote is a little smudged. I'll have to go over it again. It's hard not to smudge ink on vellum and more so when you are carrying your project, your laptop (and mine is as big as they come), and an 18 month old how finds the sidewalk too hot for her little bare feet. The "C and "A" are printed on the paper but didn't show up enough for my liking so I traced around them. It helps when a 3 year old doesn't keep knocking the table. (sigh) After doing them the "L" and "Y" looked like they needed to be outlined so they would look more like a set. I love how they turned out.

Paper's are again Deja View's Sharon Ann's Little Ones Boy 12x12 pad
Blues, green, and reds card stock is from my huge stash. I have no way of knowing what brand or color name.
Silver Vellum, "Goo goo gaa gaa", and "Baby Boy" papers are from Hobby Lobby.
"L" and "Y" where die cut on my Sizzix with the Serif Uppercase Alphabet set.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paperplay challenge from week of July 16th

Week 26
Favourite chocolate/candy. Let your favourite nibble inspire your creation.

Well, I choose Lemon Bars because I had pretty much polished off a 9x13 pan of them by myself over that week. (blush)
I was using my glaze pen for the leaves and stems and it pretty much exploded on the inside of the pen but no ink to use. :(
So I had to come up with some other idea.
Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paperplay challenge from week of July 9th

Week 25 Theme of Fashion

I'm squeezing in just under the wire on this one.


While I don't find enough time to really craft, I can find time to shop! Be it online or in my favorite craft store, well only craft store in town, I love finding new things and GREAT deals. Last month we went to see my MIL and I didn't get to do my normal scrapbook store hopping while there I did manage to go to one store twice. It's a Achiever's. LOVE them!!! So below are my finds, deals and steels from my trip and some I found once I got home as well. I didn't take pictures of all the yummy papers though. I used MIL's big die cutting machine and already cut the letter's I needed out and they are too fragile to play with too many times before I use them.

Some of those great items were 25% off and others are for a book(s) I'm going to do with my son/daughter's name.

I have a crappy flower stash. No more!! : ) And yes, the ones in the cute pouches were on sale 25% off. Looking back I'm stupid for not grabbing all they had left. lol

I have a Scraparatus and got the case for under $7! I needed pearls so got the ones I thought I'd use most. Can't remember if they were on sale but I think they were.

I ordered most of this off the net but a few are from the Ohio trip. On the net I got them all on sale. It was a June sale so I ordered while I was out of town and the package was delivered the day I got home. That's that I can a sweet deal!

Last of my Ohio trip finds.

My home State is where Hobby Lobby is from. These are my latest finds there. Can you believe the sale price? DS is an Ernie fan, so those are for him.

Yes, you are seeing the price correctly on these. It's in a $ spot at a store in town. Sad thing is they are getting rid of that section of the store. : (
I have to go back often to get things as they mark them down.
I have 8 packs of the brad letter. : )

Don't you love the HUGE brads?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Day at the Ft Worth Zoo

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Sometimes i play with smilebox. Here's one I just did for my cousins whom we met up with at the zoo on Friday.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sent with no good pictures for me

I spent a few weeks doing a 52 week baby album for a friend, the one I did the baby card below for. Silly me got so caught up in dealing with my own 2 babies I didn't get any pictures of the finished book. I have just these 3 photos from kind of early on.

As you can see the book is rather thick. Take my word for it, if you do one be sure the album has the expandable spine or you will be out shopping again. (I so loved the first one I had picked out.) I did all the pages in the same style and loaded them in the protectors so they are all which way. I'm letting mom do the deciding on how she likes them. I sent journaling strips so she can write easier on them not being in the book. There is a whole little baggie with lot of different colored little tags to write the week on. She gets to do a little crafting in finishing it.
So, as I said above, it's a 52 week album. You take a picture of the baby on the day he or she was born and one every week on that day for the whole year and one on his/hers first birthday. You journal just something from that week such as, "You had your first smile this week. It was for your sister and daddy missed it. " Just little things. The Birth one just gets the baby's stats on it. I really wish i had thought of this with my second or my first for that matter. I hope my friend enjoys her "A year of Saturdays with Conor" album.