Saturday, August 28, 2010

Worth the wait

So, I'm finally able to post to post one of my latest creations. My sister had the sweetest little boy in April. I got to meet him in July. he's a rolly polly chunky little dude with big full baby cheeks. I can't get enough of him. : D

Her birthday was mid August and I so wanted to do something special for her first one as a mom. I wish I trusted the China Post to get something to her without being damaged, but I don't. I opted instead to make her something in Digi, have it printed and mailed to her from the US.

Now, I'm telling you, if I had everything I needed in my stash I could have made this in paper a WHOLE lot faster than it took me to make it with photo shop! # days to do this baby!!! However, with Digi I do get to play some in ways I couldn't with paper. The star paper was free! I just cropped to get the 3 little stars alone. I love how adding the shadows to everything makes it look more real and layered.

I'm not working on another HUGE project. I should have enough done in a week or 2 to show off. ; )


Sandie said...

Wow, that's gorgeous. Can't believe you're gone digi on us, lol. Parker is beautiful.

Scrappinmum said...

I haven't gone full digi and I don't think I'll ever mix the two the way most do. If I mis it will be doing a normal simple paper page with a print of the digi for the picture. However, doing some in Digi lets me make more than one of something to give to family. I had a 4x4 magnet for her fridge made up along with her 8x8 to frame.